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About Portage: 

Portage is full of creeks, marshes and lakes.   If you are looking for woods, there are still plenty of homes surrounded by woods.  An easy tip to find woods near your dream home is to search for a home with over an acre of land!  There is a protected State Game Area near Gourdneck Lake, and plenty of wildlife surrounding it.  Portage is the home of many lakes, in fact, here are just a few, in Portage: Austin Lake, Pickeral Lake, Indian Lake, Gourneck Lake, West Lake, Long Lake.  I grew up on one of these and it is a treat for most people to find the home of their dreams on a lake!  Is it one of your dreams?  Let's set up a search to day to help you find what you really want!

The lush land of Portage had been largely ignored by the early westerly migration of settlers due to the mistaken belief that it was an uninhabitable swamp, unfit for cultivation. Surprisingly, later settlers discovered the rich soil made a perfect growing environment for celery. By the 1880s, Portage had earned the distinction of "Celery City" of the nation. The area remained prolific in celery production until the middle of the twentieth century.

The City of Portage began its rapid transformation to its modern form during the post World War II era. But this modern city has a past, preserved in architecture at Bicentennial Park and celebrated in history at Celery Flats Interpretive Center.

The City of Portage also has a Historic District Commission (HDC) to recognize and help preserve some of the older architectural beauty and diversity in the city. There are currently 31 registered historic properties in Portage. Anyone interested is welcome to join HDC meetings that take place during the first Wednesday of each month in City Hall. 


  • "Where the Trails Crossed," a 67-page book describing 42 of the oldest properties in the City of Portage that is available at Portage City Hall and local bookstores. Proceeds from the sale of the book benefit the Historic District Commission.
  • "This Place Called Portage," produced by Michigan historians Larry and Priscilla Massie - also available at City Hall and local bookstores, includes more than 200 historically significant illustrations in color and black and white.



About Texas Township:  Made up of 4 Award Winning School Districts:  Portage Public Schools, Kalamazoo Public Schools, Schoolcraft Community Schools, and Mattawan Community Schools!

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About Mattawan:

Mattawan is a charming Village surrounded by rolling hills.  One can almost feel the approach of the sand dunes of Lake Michigan as one travels west from Kalamazoo, toward the Lake Shore.  Stop by the village for some of the best coffee at the Brew Crew or the best Vietnamese food this side of New York City!  There's a lot more to say about Mattawan, but to really experience, you must go there.  

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 About Vicksburg: 

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